Beeline is the Shortest Possible Path to Your New Home

It’s a bold statement but Beeline can back it. They’ve compressed the entire meandering journey into a Beeline—lending, title and closing are all done in-house. They want to make the process so simple and intuitive, it can be done from the sofa, in under 15 minutes. As Beeline prepares for its 2020 launch, one challenge has risen above all others—which financial system will be able to handle the job?





Middletown, R.I.


Financial services


Lending industry-specific accounting systems


NetSuite OneWorld


NetSuite Professional Services

“We wanted to hit the market with a sophisticated solution, so our customers could enjoy the best possible experience right from day one.” Cyle Brodeur, Financial Controller, Beeline

From Zero to Business Speed

Embracing future possibilities
The search for a top-flight accounting system led Beeline to a decision between NetSuite and one of several lending industry-specific solution providers. NetSuite's industry functionality matched those alternatives, but its ability to serve as a foundational technology platform with broader potential established it as the right fit.
SuiteSuccess provides luxury of time
As a pre-launch startup, Beeline was unusual in one respect: it had no data to import. That said, it needed time to learn the system, and thanks to the SuiteSuccess deployment methodology, it was live in three weeks.
Hitting the ground running
At launch, Beeline will have capitalised on NetSuite in several ways. It has employees submitting expense reports via a mobile app, is looking to keep executives current with reports and is adopting an integration-heavy strategy to keep the accounting staff small.
Planning to dig deeper
Beeline has only scratched the surface of NetSuite. Down the line, it plans to do the scripting and integration necessary to have operational systems feed transactional data into NetSuite automatically, and it's interested in adding NetSuite Planning and Budgeting power to the mix.